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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Humor is Crucial for Mothers

OK, so it's been a time of whirlwind activity around here. Lots of going in and going out, lots of guests, Bible studies, lessons, and such. Today has been a day for sitting back and taking it all in and realizing how important, nay crucial, humor is for a mother. Especially this mother of five.

I have found myself startled by some of the bizarre combinations of words coming out of my mouth recently. You know what I'm talking about...things you never, in a million years, thought you would ever say. Try some of these recent doozies on for size:

"Gretchen, you would be really unhappy too if others at the breakfast table were speaking in a language you didn't understand." (this while Gretchen and Nicholas were tittering away IN LATIN at the breakfast table! Lillian was not only feeling left out, but quite uneasy about what might be so stinkin' funny.)

"Gabriel, get your armpit out of the almond butter." (I hope no one out there in blogdom had food in their mouth when they came across that interesting visual.)

"Kurt, stop licking your bike." (uh, what is there to say about that? The kid keeps us guessing... and perpetually disgusted. We recently went to the zoo where I look up and he's sipping away at a juice box. No problem. 'Cept I didn't bring any juice boxes.)

Just in case you think the humor ends with our verbosity, fear not. It continues...

*The girls are outside trying to catch a bee for a pet. Not sure who thought that was a good idea, but I'm going with the oldest puella, that's Latin for girl :-)

*Lastly, I was just in the kitchen and I see Nicholas' eyes bugging out of his head as he stares out of the window. Then he starts laughing. I mean cracking up. He's frantically trying to tell me what he sees. He's sputtering and spluttering. I look out - half intrigued, half frightened - to see a small pasty white bottom shining in the SoCal sunshine. Apparently, one of my boys (who shall remain nameless) really had to go.
Or, it just seemed like an interesting idea.
Or, he knew his mama needed a good laugh.

Or, he knew that the old man from up the street was puttering by with his walker right at that moment.

Hopefully that nice old man knows how crucial humor is, too.


Kim said...

From someone who values your sense of humor in my own life, I wholeheartedly concur with your prognosis. A healthy sense of humor is an essential! :) PS_The book your reading, Respectible Sins, can you let me know your thoughts? I'm very interested in reading it! Thanks! :)

Kim said...

PS__Is that by Jerry Bridges?

the e-wife, Karen said...

SO funny Nancy. I just love your blog! (and your kids)

Nancy said...

Thanks, Kim and Karen, for your notes. Yes, Kim, Respectable Sins is by Jerry Bridges. It is very practical in its application, and has been a thought-provoking and even convicting study for our little group of ladies. HTH!

Kim said...

Thanks Nancy. It does help. Keep me posted as you go through it. I suggested it to Deena and Laurie for a study. I thought it would be great, but couldn't fully endorse it without having read it, cover to cover. :)