The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. Psalm 16:6

Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Funnies

Just a couple 'a funny things to end the week. Cause it's always better to end with the funny stuff. Beats the alternative.
*Kurt has taken to getting his own shoes on. Is it too much to ask for EITHER a pair OR the right feet? I thought so.

*Gretchen asked her Daddy this week, "What was the most difficult thing you did in math as a kid?" My smart-a$$ hubby responds, "Wait for all the other kids to finish." (The funniest thing about that is I'm quite sure it's true.)

*Kurt has gotten really into painting with his sparkly watercolor paints this week. He loves it...can spend up to 30 minutes doing it (which is just short of an eternity for a two year old). The problem? He likes to drink the water when he's finished. I told Gustav not to be alarmed if he spies a sparkly poop. Cause you know, that might be disturbing. (Did I just type 'poop' on my blog?)

*A Christmas Story has been a favorite this week on the extraordinary, life-changing XBox live feed from Netflix. Kurt has been heard to spurt out, "It's a major award!" more than once during his quiet play.

*Our poor Gretchen has been down with some kind of flu for the past 2 weeks. High fevers on and off, aches, cough, sore throat. When I mentioned to my beloved that it sounded like it may be swine flu, Gustav asked if she felt the need to oink. At her negative reply he assured me that it cannot possibly be swine flu. Did I mention he was a smart...

*The dog ate my squash, spinach, and radishes from the garden this week. Apparently, he has become vegan. The kids actually watched me fall apart at the seams and I do think there was a moment or two where they legitimately feared for the dog's life.

*Kurt has fallen in love with "the blue doggy", a.k.a. Blues Clues, this week. He asked for it 742 times per day, give or take. During one of thos times this week I calmly responded, "Mommy said no," to his insistent question. To which he calmly responded, "Kurties says yes." Well, there it is. He got me.

He also stated this week "I don't want to 'cause I don't want to." Toddlers have such a knack for saying what everyone else is thinking, no?

Have a funny-filled weekend, people.


The Sinkus Clan said...

Very funny Nance! Defintely started off my morning in a good mood :) Love the shoes....
I'm going to try saying "Bethie says yes" when I don't get my way.....not a bad idea....

Sandi said...

Thanks for sharing some funnies from the Hoyer household. gave some funnies to go with my burrito today at lunch. :)