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Monday, August 20, 2007

The First Day

Well, here it is. The First Day of School. (I kid you not, the first time I wrote that on the white board, at 6AM, I misspelled SCHOOL. God can keep me humble without too much effort!!) I can say, honestly, it was a delightful day! Praise God. It began with Kurt sleeping until 9:15AM. Amazing. That allowed me time to make some whole wheat applesauce pancakes with smiley faces made out of apple and banana slices. That was a hit with everyone. We were off on the right foot.

Then, the children completed their first day of school questionnaire, on which they had to answer some fun questions about their expectations for the year as well as draw a picture of themselves. How fun to see them through their own eyes!

We took first day of school pictures.

Then we got to work: memory work, math, science, poetry, writing, and grammar. We even managed to get all the instruments practiced with hardly any complaint. I am just thrilled with how the first day back went. Lillian even crawled up into my lap at breakfast and confided, "I'm actually excited about starting school today!" My girl.

We finished up our afternoon making life size replicas of the children for our human body study. When the poster board turned out to be too short for their height we improvised and printed out our first day pictures and taped them onto the shoulders! Go us!

I pray that each day will go as smoothly as today. I know they won't, but I pray to that end nonetheless! May the Lord bless this home school.


Petunia said...

I hope our first day goes as smoothly as yours. I love the pictures on the bodies. Great idea.
Visiting from the WTM boards.

Nancy said...

Thanks so much, Petunia! I hope you really enjoy your first day, as well.

my5wolfcubs said...

The heads on the bodies is a fabulous idea! There are whole books at the library about accidents that resulted in great inventions! :) We studied the human body last year and I wish I had been so creative! Next time...
Great first day pictures!