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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sea World

So here I am, up early on a Saturday morning with "the Boy Who Would Not Sleep" (aka Kurt), so I figured I'd update everyone on our trip to Sea World this week. We purchased Fun Cards back in April, and can therefore go for the rest of 2007 for free. So, off we went Wednesday morning, the five children and me (or was that The Five Children and It?) for a fun-filled day at Sea World. The commute there was icky (welcome to SoCal!) but after stopping and re-grouping over lunch at Denny's, we finally made it there.

And boy, did we have fun.

The children got to feed the dolphins, we saw the dolphin and sea lion shows, took a ride in the Sky Tower, we pet the bat rays, purchased ridiculously overpriced popcorn, and saw lots of cool fish! The pictures above are of the children having a little rest and snack in the afternoon.

Kurt was amazing, as he so often is. He took a long nap in the sling after being splashed by the dolphins, which he definitely DID NOT LIKE! You could hear the screaming for miles! Then he just hung out in the stroller for the remainder of the day, completely oblivious of the fish, which we tried continuously to point out to him.

Thankfully, our trip home was uneventful. We even made it through L.A. without much delay, which is tantamount to a miracle. Then, Daddy had PB&J's ready for us when we drove in the driveway!! Life was good on Wednesday!!

Just to update on Kurt's 6-month check up on Tuesday: he's a svelte 20lbs. 2ozs...heh-heh! To put that into perspective, Gabriel, my porker was 22lbs. 2 ozs at 6 months. BUT, he was 10 lbs. 4 ozs. when he was born. Kurt was only 7lbs. 15 ozs! Suffice it to say, he's not failing to thrive, my little Chunky Monkey!

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