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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Research Question

Just a little research question for those who might wish to participate:

What would it take to get you to go to a (FREE!) open air concert of orchestral music composed in the last five years? What type of marketing would bring you in? What would make such a concept interesting to you? (Other than feeling compelled to go because you know the guy putting it on.) Comment in the comments section (if you are able :-) or email and I will post the responses here.

Thanks for your help!


Daniel Buda said...

Hi, Hoyer Family!!!
It's Dan and Naomi......

We have been wanting to get together for quite some time now......I think we have an idea!!

Annie will be having a princess party on Jan. 19th at should be lots of fun for the kids (Princess Belle will be here, jumper, pinata, etc). We would love for your family to come to the party...Annie would be delighted and so would we!!!

I would like to send you an invite, so if you can email me your home address I will send it off today.

The party will end at that can give you some time to go to the beach etc. (only 1 mile from our house).

The Peppers will also be it should be fun :)

Ok....we look forward to hearing from you!

Dan and Naomi
Home: 714-840-1023

Kim Noble said...

Hi Hoyer Family-That Buda family sounds like a lot of fun! :)

So here's my response to your "open air concert question."

Top 10 marketing tools that would prompt me to attend an open air concert:

10) Multi-media display presented on numerous large, plasma screen tvs of the orchestra and composer-particularly the composer;
9) Musical laser light show where each note is emphasized by a different color;
8) Various international desserts and drinks served with a large-dare I say-monstrous dragon ice sculpture as the centerpiece. (Can anyone say gourmet chocolate fountain?);
7) Guest appearances by famous locals including a genius flute player and her five delightful children-think The Sound of Music meets Cheaper by the Dozen (the parts where they band together and work as one family...not the parts where they're disobedient);
6) Freebie giveaways, like keychains with the composer's noggin prominently displayed...or cadillacs;
5) Free admission;
4) College credit given for attending. I mean, c'mon! Anyone who listens to THE Gustav Hoyer's music has to become smarter-I know I have. Ain't it true!;
3) Harassing E-mails, letters, flyers, posters, internet bulletins and the ever-popular skywriting which "encourages" me to attend or the cast of the Sopranos will make a house visit;
2) A personally signed copy of the New York Times' bestselling newest book from a budding novelist;

And the number 1 reason of why I would be compelled to attend an orchestral music concert out in the muggy, pollutant, lung- collapsing LA air would be (drum roll please:)

1) God's sovereign will. :)

(I know, I stink! It was apparently God's sovereign will not to practice self-control and endulge this outlet to write such ridiculous and profitless answers. :) You can thank Cheffers for this. )

my5wolfcubs said...

I'd go, if the ad said something about relaxed atmosphere and families welcome.

I haven't been to your blog in a loooong time...are you going to be performing?? :)

Lee (from the WTM board)

Nancy said...

Thanks, Lee! My husband is the producer of the, I'm not playing. I haven't played in a looooong time! I appreciate your taking the time to answer. :-)