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Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That

Here are the Hoyer girlies showing off the face painting skills of the volunteers at the Fairmont Fair on Saturday. We all had a wonderful (hot!) time. The AWANA program at Grace Community Church sponsors the Fairmont Fair every fall (term used loosely here in SoCal). Tickets are 20 cents each and there are tons of old fashioned booths with fun games. A dunking booth, bounce houses, obstacle course, ring toss, and super-cheap food make it a blast for everyone. (To give you an idea of how cheap the food is, we all ate for under $12!)

Kurt spent almost the whole time we were there in the bounce house. Does he look like he's having fun or what?
My children were so excited to be able to walk around with their friends and without Mom and Dad! Here are the girls enjoying some nachos with their buddies Paige and Kassidy.
I never managed to get Nicholas to stop long enough to take his picture. But, needless to say, he had a great time with his friends Austin and Luke. Even Gabriel got to walk around with his big buddy Vance for a while. Thanks, Vance!

On another note, I have decided to adopt a fall frame of mind even if it does not feel like it at all. It has been so hot here (in the 90's) every day! So, I've been turning down the AC and making hot cocoa for everyone. Looks like fall, right? This afternoon I am going to make some pumpkin bread. Maybe I'll close the shades and light one of my fall-scented candles :-)
Gustav's brother and his family are in our neck of the woods this week. We can't wait to spend the day with the cousins (ages 15, 13, 10, 8) at Disneyland on Thursday!

Our cat, poor thing, is having a little, um, procedure done today.

We have a meeting with the architectual committee tomorrow night to see if we can get our lanscaping plan approved. Gotta love HOA's.

I will, God-willing, complete painting the kitchen, family room, and hall areas today. This has taken me forever! I will be thrilled when it is finally done.

Homeschooling is going well this year. Gabriel is learning to read quite well, Lillian is trying to wrap her brain around long division, Gretchen is a champ at Latin translation, and Nicholas is enjoying taking a DVD lecture course on the Early Middle Ages. Lest we forget Kurt, he is trying to master escaping from the house, running away from Mama, destroying all buildings and contraptions designed by his siblings, and jamming his beloved Thomas DVD's into the DVD player. :-)

Life is good.

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