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Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Fourth's Firsts

Well, a number of you have mentioned that it has been a while since I've been active here in my little dusty corner of the web. Sorry 'bout that. I find that when I have much to say and lots to share, I get easily overwhelmed and do what any overwhelmed woman would do in such a position...nothing. So, here I am. Recovered from a busy but blessed holiday season and ready to crawl out from the hole I dug for myself.

We had a great December, full of family, fellowship, gifts, love, and at least TWO firsts for the fourth child of mine. I asked Gabriel a few months back if he was ready to have his training wheels taken off his bike. He answered with an enthusiastic "yes!" but got just a little spooked when he tried riding sans support. His bike sat in the garage collecting dust for almost two months when Lillian offered to help him learn. The two of them spent about an hour out in the driveway and whattayaknow? I come out to check on the progress and Gabriel is zooming up and down the driveway. What a blessing big sisters are.

The very same week Gabriel notified Nicholas that his tooth was "soft." Nicholas, my inquisitive firstborn, had to seek further information and it was soon discovered that Gabriel had his first loose tooth! I found it remarkable that he didn't know what was going on. I mean, he has three older siblings who've all done this multiple times. But naivete aside, when he realized that he had a loose tooth he shouted, "Mom, I've been waiting for this moment for almost my whole life!"

{For those of you who may get a touch queasy at the sight of reeaaaallly loose teeth, the following photo may be disturbing}

Later that day it just popped out. No pain. No blood. Nothing. Just fell out into his hand. It was a good first tooth-losing experience.

After the tooth fell out, my little man came to me and said, in his best salesman voice, "So, Mom. I was thinking. Instead of doing the tooth fairy, maybe we could have a party?"

Gotta love him.

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