The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. Psalm 16:6

Friday, January 23, 2009


Tomorrow our little Kurt turns two. It's shocking, really. I can't believe he is already so big, and yet I can't remember what life was like without him. He is my California baby. He's never even seen New England, what I consider to be home. So many of my most beloved friends have never even met him! In honor of his birthday, here are

Ten Things I Love About Kurt

(1) His hair. I mean, come on. The Beach Boys would be proud.
(2) His utter and complete obsession with trains. He even sleeps with a (clean) pair of underwear in his crib because there is a Thomas on the bum.
(3) The way he rubs and pats my back when I hold him.
(4) His sunshine-y temperament. He frequently hums to himself, and is always there to wave and yell "hew-woh" to the letter carrier.
(5) That smile. The one that gets him out of all the trouble he should be in.
(6) The way he gags every time I make him eat something new. Hey, it's worth a shot.
(7) He loves to dance. Especially to the Kung-Fu Panda soundtrack which we have listened to about 5 million times, give or take.
(8) His uncanny ability to name all of his body parts. Yep. All.
(9) The fact that he just walks into the nursery at church. No separation anxiety for him.
(10) He is a constant reminder that the Lord's ways are above our ways. Gustav and I would never have planned to get pregnant just before selling our home and traveling like gypsies across the country for 3 months before settling in La-La Land. What a blessing that our Lord is sovereign, because I can't imagine being without my little Kurt.

I love you, sweet stuff. Happy birthday.


Suzanne DeShong said...

Happy Birthday Kurt! I hope you stay in California all your life...hint hint....tell you MOM!!!!

yhenriques said...

Wow - two????

On #5 - you can't blame my kids for influencing him on that one!

Just serve wild boar ;)

yhenriques said...

Ugh.. . should be in bed. I meant #6, about the gagging!!!

Good night!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday cutie! Love that last pic with the curls!

Kim said...

Dear Kurt, While I would never try to persuade you against the will of God, I would like to pose five very serious, life-changing questions that will hopefully help in your decision-making process--should the time ever present itself. These questions are completely unbiased and for information-gathering purposes only.

They're in no particular order--I mean really! They're ALL important:

5) The rest of your siblings have been born and raised for most of their lives in the New England area--do you really want to give them an extra reason to leave you out of the ice cream line?
4) Who will teach you to say say "dawg" and "quawtar"--the proper pronounciations?
3) Do you really want to continue to have snowless Christmases? Or is it Christmasi? I can never remember.
2) Wouldn't you like to have a tough New England nickname like Kurt "the Yankster" Hoyer or Kurt "the Patriot" Hoyer?
1) Do you REALLY want to be the only Hoyer that has not had the complete and joyful pleasure of living with the Nobles?
Happy Birthday, Kurt!! (call me)