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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Homeschooling - Why We Do What We Do

I have been asked by a number of my friends and recently encouraged by my husband to blog a bit about homeschooling. I have come full circle on homeschooling: from being positive that we wouldn't, to being open to the possibility, to being adamant that we would. God has used this opportunity to grow me in faith and knowledge of Himself, to love my children more, and to be sanctified daily. However, I do not think it is the only way to properly school the children we have been blessed with. It is just the right way for us at the moment.

One thing that was important for me in the beginning, (being the list-maker that I am) was to have a document that stated why we were doing this. Something I could refer to when I needed encouragement and something that would keep me on track as we matured and grew. The reasons we choose to school our children at home will differ from family to family, as they should, for each family is uniquely designed by God. Here, for your reading pleasure, are:

The Hoyer Educational Pillars
written in 2003

(1) Our mission is to train our children to become skillful handlers of the Truth of God as recorded in the Scriptures in order that they might not only be hearers, but doers of the Word. They must be deeply anchored in understanding and interpreting literature. They will be encouraged to love language, as it was the means by which the Creator of the Universe chose to reveal Himself to us.

(2) As their worldview is shaped by the precepts of Scripture, they will be presented with the history of Man from the Fall as a story of the unfolding majesty of God's plan of Grace.

(3) They will be trained to reverence the ordered excellence of Creation as discovered through observation and experimentation so that they might better glorify the Creator in their hearts and minds, and trust in the perfection of His designs.

(4)We desire that they be trained in rigorous logical disciplines that they might be able to reason with God through His Word, and be able to evaluate life through well-trained thinking.

(5) They should have a knowledge of other civilizations that they might have an un
derstanding of their own place of privilege among the race of Adam.

(6) As beings created in the likeness and image of the Creator God, they should be encouraged to cultivate the exercise and appreciation of the creative arts. This will also cultivate a more profound understanding of that which is lovely and excellent, and will draw their hearts toward the Author and Source of beauty.

(7) We desire that they be trained in the proper care and maintenance of their bodies through exercise and self discipline, that they might steward these gifts to the glory of God.

(8) The expression of a heart that is submitted to God will express itself in gracious and well-mannered speech and thoughtful actions which manifest the preference of the other above self. They will be trained in appropriate etiquette and manners.

(9) The life of a believer should be one marked by diligence and hard work. They will be encouraged to cultivate these character qualities, and be warned against the sin of laziness.

I would heartily encourage anyone who is new to homeschooling to begin by deciding why they feel the Lord has called them to this way of life. Study the Scriptures and pray. Then, once you have put down in words the "why's" of your choice, put them where you will be frequently reminded. Re-read them yearly at least, daily if needed.

I desire, years from now, for my children "to arise and call me blessed." (Proverbs 31:28) Not because they became brilliant mathematicians (which they may) or concert violinists (which they could) or Pulitzer Prize winning authors (which would be wonderful), but because they sat under the tutelage of a humble mother who loved the Lord with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength, and shared her faith and awe of the Creator with them. Day in and day out.

And who never forgot for Whom she was doing what she was doing.


the e-wife, Karen said...

Wow, if the Harasicks had such a statement, it might go something like this:

Reasons we homeschool

1. Because Karen is selfish and wants to spend all day with her kids

2. Because it is really fun!

You are awesome, by the way. Wish I could have been following you when I first ventured out into the homeschooling world(My kids might have known Latin, too!)

Kim said...

Hi Nance--This brought tears to my eyes. As someone privileged enough to call you my homeschool mentor--you have helped me in more ways than 200... and you keep giving. I don't know how many times I say, "Well, my friend Nance told me...," or "Nancy suggested...," or "When I was starting out, Nancy really...." I still remember when you and Heather took time out to hang at Heather's house for a lovely afternoon to chat about homeschooling. You are a gift. A lovely breeze. A warm cup of joe. From someone who as "grown up" with you in an Eph. 4:15 way, I truly appreciate you very much. If the Lord allows me to live to the empty-nester age, then I plan to write a book entitled--Chasing Nancy Hoyer: The earthly model of a Titus 2 woman. Okay--enough flattery. Just wanted to share. Now, about that bed head hair....


Jean Lee said...

This is just LOVELY, Nancy. It's such a wonderful idea to think through and have written down the "why's" of homeschooling. Keeps you motivated and on track, and motivates others when you share it! (e.g. it's inspirational for me, even though my baby's not even born yet, haha). Thanks for sharing and keep sharing more!