The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. Psalm 16:6

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Funny Things

There's nothing like a little humor to keep a mom on her toes. Here's a sampling from my home this week (and it's only Tuesday!):

*This morning, upon opening the refrigerator door I was greeted by a plastic cup full of what looked like fruit punch. Taped to the front of the cup there was a sign which read: "DON'T DRINK! Red paint and water." Um, thanks for the heads-up. I'm not sure why the shorter Hoyers feel compelled to refrigerate their paint in drinking cups, of all things. Ah, best not to ask.

*My dear friend Karen and I managed to bang out about 67 details via email in a ten minute span of time this morning. Who needs phones? All this while she was preparing for a dinner party for 30 and I was washing sheets, dusting, and answering a scary-long queue of email. And they say multi-tasking is a myth. Ha!

*Again this morning (it's been a funny day, I guess) while I was out talking to the landscapers who are still trying to get the irrigation right in our yard, my darling two-year old comes gallumphing out wearing nothing but Thomas the Tank Engine underwear and orange Crocs. On the wrong feet. Nice.

*Gabriel has been trying to train Oliver (the dog) to follow some basic commands. Sit. Stay. You get the idea. While working so hard on this endeavor I hear Gabriel say, in all sincerity, "Now Oliver, close your eyes..." Apparently, he's trying to help Oliver find his inner puppy.

*Nicholas returns home from Camp Pa today. He will be bringing with him 20 new pairs of socks which Pa bought him. 20! My father-in-law hasn't had kids in a very. long. time. Can you imagine if all seven of us had 20 pairs of new socks? We'd have to add on to the house.

*Oliver lost a tooth this week. We had to put it in a plastic baggie, which has been on my kitchen counter for 48 hours. I like to think of it as a diet aid. I go in the kitchen to get a snack, see the bloody puppy tooth, exit the kitchen with no snack. It's brilliant!

*This past Sunday night I was forced to break out the vacuum to vacuum up copious quantities of skin on my carpet. Why, you ask? Seven people of northern European descent + 7 hours at the beach on the 4th of July = lots of nasty, peeling skin a few days later. My children were obsessed with pulling the peeling skin off of their arms and shoulders and tossing it on the floor. Gross. Ew. Yuck.



yhenriques said...

OK, so. . . .

a) Dogs lose teeth? Sigh. Thanks for the heads up.

b) How long until there are 20 unmatched socks, do ya think?


Nancy said...

a) yep. :-)
b) thankfully, Nicholas is neurotic about his hopefully not too many unmatched ones. We'll see.

Parked in Parker said...

Look at it this way, at least Dick bought him something useful! Some grandparents would buy 20 bags of M&M's, or 20 boxes of crayons! 20 pairs of socks, well, if he is anything like my kids, that is about a months worth!
Take care!

Nancy said...

You are right, Kristi! It could have been much, much worse. I think I will let him have the socks 5 pairs at a time and then maybe they will last for a few months. Hey, I love your blog, too! It will be great to keep up with you guys there.

Thanks for stopping by!

Parked in Parker said...

Did Nicholas have a fabulous time in Yellowstone? My girls went with my parents and really had a great time! Lots of great photos and they saw lots of wildlife. Emma has a little bit of a geologist heart even though she wants to be a dr. She loves the outdoors, a TRUE Hoyer, like her Daddy!
I love your blog! It is a great time to keep up on you! You are such a great and loving mom!

The Sinkus Clan said...

Paul and I just got a very good laugh out of your blog!!!! Hahahaha! Paul loved the skin one. He can totally relate and can't seem to stop peeling either. Uh huh...