The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. Psalm 16:6

Monday, January 18, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

My list continues...

(55) Little boys tucked in at the piano, without even having to pull out the bench.

(56) The musky smell of the garden rosemary after a rain.

(57) Eleven heads of lettuce in my garden (the dog didn't eat everything!)

(58) Sweet toddler voice singing himself to sleep.

(59) "When I grown up I want to live next to Kurt so I can visit him all the time." Gabriel (6)

(60) "I'm a yittle boy and Gabe's a yittle boy and you're a big boy." Kurt (2) to me

(61) A little mistake in copying that made this Mama smile: "O, give tanks to the Lord, for He is good." Gabriel (6)

(62) Again Gabriel, "My carcass hurts." O, I laughed so hard my sides nearly split. We came to the conclusion that he meant his ribcage.

(63) The Word of God which directs, soothes, and rights the course.

(64) Desperately needed rain.

(65) The sweet, heartfelt prayers of children for those who need them in Haiti.


Athena said...

I laughed out loud! Might have split my pants too if it weren't for the fact that everyone in the house is still sleeping and I have to be very, very quiet!! Must say, I am envious of your garden. Mine is under about 18-24" of snow. :-(

Jenny said...

My children have it all planned out where they will live so they can be close to mom & dad & each other...sweet conversations.

Nancy said...

Athena - glad I could make you laugh! Gabriel is the one who has always made us crack up consistently in this house - he hears all the big words, but doesn't quite know how to use them :-)

Jenny - sweet conversations, indeed. I treasure them all in my Mama heart :-)