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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Growing Up...

What is it about a lost tooth that is so bittersweet to a mother? It's so exciting for the child. Such a step toward growing up, not to mention the excitement of knowing that a little token will be left under their pillow (if the Tooth Fairy remembers, which around here is always the BIG question.)

Yet I always have a pang of sadness, holding that little tooth in my hand, remembering the tears and sleepless nights which brought it in the first place. I have a confession to make: I have never thrown away any of my children's lost teeth. I have a little baggie in the drawer next to my bed, which contains every tooth lost by a H. child. I don't know why. I am not a pack rat...even donated my wedding dress! But I just can't part with those little teeth!

Lillian has lost 3 teeth in the past month and has another currently dangling. She is so proud. She now reads chapter books and has lost almost as many teeth as Gretchen. Ahhh, growing up! It's so wonderful. And so sad.

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abc123mom said...

Well, I too must confess--my kids affectionately call me(I think its affectionately-hmm?)Neat Freak-and I must confess I threw away my daughter's first baby tooth much to her dismay-How was I to know a wadded up paper towel on the kitchen counter contained such prized possession?-Come to think of it I can't seem to locate her lock of hair from her first haircut-phew! its hard hangin' on to all these items-I just praise God I have all the sweet memories neatly tucked away in my brain!!